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Whistleblowing system MeldePunkt

Welcome to the deDATA whistleblower system

We hereby provide you with a whistleblower portal where you can confidentially report misconduct or violations of the law by, for example, your partners, customers, suppliers or employees.

As an independent reporting office, we offer you the following contact options in addition to our portal:

Phone +49 561 316 851 4  (09:00 – 17:00 Uhr)

Address see footer

After consultation in person

This is not a hotline for emergencies. Please contact the authorities (e.g. the police).
If your concern relates to complaints or questions about a product, please contact the customer service of the respective company.

Decide whether you want to provide your data or remain anonymous!

The Meldepunkt has been developed with the utmost care, especially to protect you and your identity.

You can submit your report openly or anonymously via our portal. If you submit your report anonymously, it cannot be traced. Via the Meldepunkt, your data is encrypted and your IP address cannot be assigned. If you provide us with your name, we will keep your identity confidential. Your identity will only be disclosed to the company concerned with your consent and only to the extent necessary. The protection of the whistleblower is our top priority.

We can only give you feedback on your tip if you register on the portal. This can also be done anonymously. In this case, you enter factual data as your user name, which does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about your person.


Data protection & information duties

You can find the data protection information in our data protection declaration under the point “MeldePunkt whistleblower system”.

The information requirements can be found in our data protection declaration under the point “MeldePunkt whistleblower system”.


ou can use our whistleblower portal to report misconduct or breaches of the law by your employer, business partner, supplier or even employees, e.g. in the area of white-collar crime.

Examples of areas in which you can submit reports:

  • Financial services, money laundering
  • Product safety
  • Consumer protection
  • Road safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Public Health
  • Animal welfare
  • Competition
  • Data protection and data security
  • IT Security
  • Information protection

Notifications regarding internal regulations, e.g. internal guidelines or codes of conduct, depend on your company affiliation. You can find out how your company deals with these types of reports in its notice on the whistleblower system.

We would be pleased if you register via our whistleblower portal. Only then can we stay in contact with you and, if necessary, ask you questions. In addition, we can then inform you about further steps.

You can log in on this page with any user name and password. If you wish to remain anonymous, please use fake data. As soon as you have agreed to the data protection regulations, you can register. It is essential that you remember your login data (or write them down if necessary), as otherwise you will no longer be able to obtain information about the portal later.

After registering, you log in with your user name and password and can submit your report under “New message”.

Our whistleblowing system has been developed with the utmost care. Our priority is to protect you as a whistleblower. We therefore also act in the spirit of the legislator, who attaches great importance to the protection of the whistleblower. All communication is encrypted and deleted from Meldepunkt after the investigation is completed.

For example, if you forget your username or password, it is not possible to recover the data. You will then have to register again, log in and submit the tip again.

If you want to upload documents you have created yourself, please make sure that your metadata for the document is also removed. For example, in a Word document, the corresponding author(s) are saved under “File -> Information”. Please remove this before uploading.

For documents concerning a violation, leave the documents as they are.