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Whistleblower Protection Act

On 17 December 2021, the deadline for transposing the EU Whistleblowing Directive into German law expired. This directive is intended to create a Europe-wide minimum standard with regard to the protection of persons who report violations of EU law. Even though the German Whistleblower Protection Act has not yet been passed, it is advisable to adapt it within the company even now.

When does a whistleblowing system become important?

Companies with at least 50 employees as well as legal entities under public law are obliged to set up internal reporting channels. Depending on your needs, we offer you various reporting channels. In particular, we offer our whistleblowing system MeldePunkt, which fulfils the requirements of the Whistleblowing Directive.
Whistleblowers can also contact external reporting bodies (authorities) directly with their information. With MeldePunkt, you offer whistleblowers in your company a neutral and confidential alternative, so that external reports are also avoided.

Who is protected by a whistleblowing system?
  • Employees and civil servants
  • Self-employed persons
  • Former employees, applicants
  • Trainees
  • business partners
  • (…)
    … Anyone who has a connection to your organisation.

How are violations detected in the company?

Internal audit
Management Review

Who reports violations?

Seller / Supplier / Manufacturer

Quelle: ACFE REPORT TO THE NATIONS – Western Europe

Wath is Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing describes the process by which a person discloses information about an organisation in order to expose certain wrongdoings in that organisation. A whistleblower can be an employee, but also any other person with a connection to the organisation. The information to be reported is in particular legal violations in the area of corruption, fraud or discrimination.

Advantages through whistleblowing

Whistleblowers give companies the opportunity to uncover internal abuses and legal violations. This contributes to a successful compliance programme in the company, which is the basis for an efficient compliance management system.
Your advantages through MeldePunkt as a reporting channel for whistleblowers in your organisation

  • Improved whistleblower culture
  • Your whistleblowers have a confidential point of contact and do not turn directly to competent authorities
  • Public disclosure of grievances is avoided
  • Current legal requirements are complied with
  • As experts in this field, we insure data protection and IT security in particular
  • Improved compliance programme for your compliance management system
  • Preventive protection against personal liability risks and fines

Meaning of the channels

65% of the companies where a white-collar crime incident was detected had implemented at least one reporting channel.

  • By implementing reporting channels, more cases are detected.
  • The loss in the event of a loss is much lower.

Those who do without a whistleblowing system also do without transparency and bear a much higher risk of detecting incidents in the workplace.

Recommended external whistleblowing system

We have set up a compliance module on this website, which you are very welcome to use. It would be conceivable for you to insert a button on your website with the link “”. We have kept the module as simple as possible in order to keep the reporting threshold as low as possible.

Behind our compliance module lies a process that prepares the information obtained and communicates it to the company concerned for processing.